5 Things Hiring Managers Won’t Tell You


Hiring managers have their own trade secrets and they do things on purpose to get to know the applicants better. There are some strategies done by hiring managers and these are things job applicants should know to better answer their questions or carry themselves more professionally during an interview. Read on to learn more about the strategic things that hiring managers do or probe about when interviewing applicants.

Things Job Applicants Should Know About Hiring Managers 5 Things Hiring Managers Won’t Tell You

Hiring managers have a keen eye for detail and everything you say or do can and may be used against you, so to speak. Better be mindful of your actions, and check out these hiring manager strategies:

  • Wedding ring – There are job positions which prefer single applicants. Some job openings specifically mention wanting single applicants from within a certain age range, while others do not. To play it safe, you ought not to wear your wedding or engagement ring during your interview unless you firmly believe that the job you will be taking is fine with applicants who already have their own families.
  • Children – There are times when hiring managers put a picture of their “children” somewhere easy for you to see—but they aren’t exactly their children. This is used to prompt a reaction from you and make you say something about your kids. You may not have kids now, but this may also help you open up about your plans about having kids in the future. When you see a picture of kids on the desk or nearby table, it would be wiser to not react to it. Think of it this way, ask only the questions you are asked, and try not to volunteer too much personal and probably unnecessary information about yourself.
  • Online searches – Do not be surprised if your hiring manager says something from out of nowhere about your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media network. A lot of hiring managers do thorough searches about you before you even get the chance to be interviewed, and they do this online. You should make an effort to ensure your online profiles are professional and won’t hurt your chances of getting hired—or at least have tighter privacy settings so that your hiring manager won’t see your posts.
  • Appearances DO matter – If the hiring managers do not like the way you look, they will NOT hire you. Some of the things job applicants should know about appearances would be to dress professionally instead of fashionably. Sure, you may have a trendy plunging top or a color-blocking dress shirt. Save those items and go for more classic pieces during your interview. Other no-nos include miniskirts, loud-colored nail polish, and wearing just a t-shirt and jeans for the guys. Generally, do not look too casual or too outlandish.
  • Hiring managers hire those who like them and the company they work for – You have to impress them by showing not just strict professionalism but some warmth and personality as well. You need to find ways to show your eagerness to work for their company—and not anywhere else. Don’t make them feel as if they are just another company to whom you sent an application to. Take time to research more about them, or mention how you heard

    A D V E R T I S E M E N T

    or read about something the company did which you admired and state how that made you want to work for them.

These are the little things job applicants should know about hiring managers which can help them land the job!

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