5 Things Hiring Managers Wish You Knew


If you think hiring managers have the time of their lives trying to decide whether they would make the dreams of random applicants come true or not, you are greatly mistaken. There is a lot of stress that comes with the job that sometimes they wish applicants knew a few important things that would make their jobs easier for them.

Here are a few things job applicants should know from a hiring manager’s point of view:

  • You wrote your resume, know what’s in it. Nothing frustrates a hiring manager more than having to 5 Things Hiring Managers Wish You Knewask questions based on an applicant’s resume and then being given a blank stare. The moment you write your resume, make sure you know every piece of information that you put in it. Remember that this document will be the primary source of information that a hiring manager would have about you, and being given the impression that you do not know what’s inside your own resume would make them wonder if what’s inside it is true.
  • Learn how to ask questions. Hiring managers don’t bite, and they will not deduct points from you if you try to turn the situation around and ask them questions instead. In fact, asking questions would even earn you a few brownie points. Doing this shows hiring managers that you are truly interested in being part of their organization and are not simply hopping from one interview to another without really caring where you end up. Genuine interest in the position and organization would be something that hiring managers remember and consider as important.
  • Treat everyone the same way. It could be irritating for hiring managers to gush over your qualifications and then end up hearing the receptionist say that you had an attitude problem. Yes, hiring managers also find out about these things. Obviously, knowing that you treat people differently when they’re not the one interviewing you would show that you could be very hard to work with no matter how qualified you may be for the job.
  • Wait for an appointment. Hiring managers go through hundreds of resumes everyday and interview people day in and day out. Showing up suddenly and expecting to be interviewed can be very annoying and is a very inconsiderate act. This is also seen as a case on unprofessionalism, taking away all chances that you have to be part of the organization. So don’t act offended if you are not given the attention you are looking for when you barge in. Set a proper appointment and wait for your turn to be entertained.
  • Think before you speak. A lot of people immediately give out answers, and then end up taking it back and going for a different answer. Although nerves do get in the way of a great interview sometimes, you need to learn how to control it. It can also ruin a hiring manager’s train of thought if you change directions in the middle of a statement.


Put these things job applicants should know to heart and get ready to start having more successful job interviews after that.

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