5 Signs You Need a Career Change


Do you find yourself unhappy with the job that you have? If you say “yes,” do not feel too bad because you are not alone. Surveys say that at least 31% of employees are not happy with their jobs and more than 74% would gladly leave their current jobs if they were offered another position.

You might think you are being ungrateful because you are not happy with your job when other people do not even have jobs. But how do you know when you are just having a bad month or if it really is time to ditch that job of yours for something else? It is very tricky and you need to be very honest and candid with yourself but it can be done. Changing careers is not easy but if it is time to move on then it is just about time.

Changing Careers – About Time!

Below are the top 6 signs that it is time to give some serious thought about changing careers. These are not petty signs like someone always stealing your stapler or the bathroom smelling bad. These are serious signs that mean it is time to cut your losses and just leave to look for greener pastures.

You are no longer valued. Once you notice that your hard work and dedication no longer get recognized financially or otherwise, you are not a top priority in the company. It hurts to admit that you are unimportant, but there you have it.

Your time is up. If you suddenly find yourself with tons of downtime and not being involved in the loop anymore, these are signs that your company may be contracting and your job is in jeopardy. It could also be a sign that the 5 Signs You Need a Career Changecompany is in trouble so it may be time to jump ship. Be on the lookout for delayed payments, rumors of the company shutting down, etc.

Your job is making you sick. If your job is literally making you sick, then you need to evaluate yourself and realize what it is that you are doing. In this era of downsizing, employees are getting triple workloads that make them sick. Working some overtime is fine but if you are doing the work of three people, you will get stressed and your health will be affected.

You hate the people you work with. If you are normally an affable person who gets along well with people and it seems that you just cannot bring yourself to like your boss or colleagues, then it is time to think about changing careers. You do not have to stay in an environment that doesn’t make you happy. It will affect your sense of well-being and your work in general.


Your skills are not being used. If you have some very special skills that no one else in your office has but you are constantly asked to make coffee or copies of documents, then perhaps the company is not valuing you enough. Changing careers is a good idea. Try to find a place where they know your worth and will make use of your special skills.

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