5 Sample Summary Objectives for a Computer Technician Resume


Computer technicians are in demand because of the widespread use of modern devices. For services for offices or even at home, computer technicians can give the special technical services that people need to have functional computers. Landing a stable job through the help of a good computer technician resume objective can help you use your skills as a technician for a company or businesses that may be in need of your services.

Writing a Computer Technician Resume Objective

Computer technicians are the people who work with the technology that businesses use to operate their business smoothly where computers are concerned. There are different kinds of computer technicians depending on the work which they are supposed to do. Mainly, there are helpdesk technicians and network technicians. The former assists customers with computer problems by answering phones and email questions, while network technicians are in charge of maintaining the computer networks of the businesses they are in.

Your computer technician resume objective should:

  • Give a strong indication at your skills and qualifications
  • Exude your confidence as a knowledgeable provider of computer technician services
  • Encapsulate your professionalism when it comes to being a computer technician

So what should a computer technician resume objective look like? Here are some samples which you can tweak depending on your personal preferences. You can use these samples as your guide in making your very own resume objective for a computer technician resume:

  1. Looking forward to be one of the computer technicians of (insert company name) where I can utilize my 5 Sample Summary Objectives for a Computer Technician Resumecomputer troubleshooting skills to ensure that all systems are properly working.
  2. Seeking a computer technician job position at (insert company name) to provide technical assistance and using my good communication skills to customers who are in need of prompt answers for their concerns.
  3. Offering excellent computer technician skills for (insert company name) which can help improve the consistency of computer efficiency by utilizing previous experience as a professional computer technician.
  4. To obtain a job position at (insert company name) as a computer technician who can provide skills gained from 3 years of experience as a network technician while also being able to provide technical support over phone and email conversations.
  5. Seeking a computer technician position at (insert company name) to exercise knowledge in both software and hardware concerns which address data and telecommunications issues.

Remember that as much as possible, your computer technician resume should have:

  • A brief yet strong objective. Do not bore your potential employer by presenting a very lengthy resume objective. Keep it to one sentence and highlight your main goal as a professional.
  • Your industry’s hot words. Jargons and other technical terms which you only hear in the industry should be present in your resume to give it more weight and meaning. Check the job position for specific terms you can include in your resume entries.
  • Special abilities should also be included. If you have received training for creating and maintaining software, completed a certification for computer technician services, or other similar distinctions, you can include it in your resume as well.


With these computer technician objective samples, you can craft your own competitive resume objective!

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