5 Reasons Why A Cover Letter is Necessary


Part of the traditional application process is sending a cover letter with your resume. As the process evolves however, the need for a cover letter has come into question as well. Today, a cover letter is not as useful as it has always been, making it confusing sometimes. Knowing when a cover letter is necessary has become very useful in submitting applications. Here are a few things to consider to help you decide:

  • Adding a personal touch – Your resume is structured, often following a formal template. This makes it very difficult to add a personal touch. A cover letter gives you the chance to show your personality with the way you structure your letter and the way you present yourself. The achievements that you show on your resume could very well be the same thing that they will see on another applicant’s resume. What they read in your cover letter however is something that defines you as an individual.
  • Rapport building – Especially if you have done enough research on what the company culture is all about, a cover letter is the perfect way to build rapport and show them how aligned your ideals are with their culture. You can focus on giving statements that you believe would make them feel that you speak the language they speak, giving you a bigger chance to be hired.
  • Specific opportunities – A cover letter gives you the chance to be specific and not come across as somebody who would grab any job offered their way. This shows that you have clear goals set for yourself. You could emphasize what career path you have chosen to take and discuss how the company fits into your plans.
  • Showing interest in the organization – Your resume lists all the things about you that would 5 Reasons Why A Cover Letter is Necessarymake a company interested in you. On the other hand, a cover letter is the chance for you to show that you are genuinely interested in the company. By making references to the organization, their needs and their ideals, and matching these with your own, you can show that you are not only after the salary or the post. This is the perfect medium for you to show that you are interested in becoming a part of a great organization and would like to be part of its continued growth.
  • Telling your story – A cover letter allows you to say things about yourself that would not have any place in your resume. For example, you could explain glaring lapses in your resume that could affect their decision to grant you an interview. This is also perfect in case your background shows an entirely different career. Your cover letter could explain your decision to change directions.


Knowing when a cover letter is necessary is certainly useful in submitting more effective applications. A cover letter gives you the chance to express things that cannot be expressed in a normal resume and gives you higher chances of showing how big of an edge you have over other applicants.

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