4 Job Rules to Break and Why It’s Okay to Break Them


Have you been reading and following job search tips that are tried and tested? That might seem like a good idea now considering they are time-tested and therefore you can’t be wrong by following them. However, the problem with time-tested job search tips is that sometimes they can keep you boxed in and prevent you from putting your best foot forward. If you want to get results in your job search, you should try thinking outside the box and breaking some rules. After all, some rules were meant to be broken and below are some job search rules you should not feel bad about breaking.

Jobs Search Tips: Break Some Rules

  • One-page Resume – How often have you heard or read that it is imperative to keep your resume at just one page? That can be a complete bummer especially if you have so much to offer the company yet you are limited to just a page. There was a time when breaking the one-page rule was a taboo, but these days it pays to break such a rule. If you have several years of experience and you have other information that can help you land that job, then by all means make your resume as long as two pages.
  • Formal Language – A resume is a very important document that may or may not help you land a job so this means that you have to write it in official language that comes out all formal and stiff. Well, that used to be the rule of thumb but you can break that rule now and not jeopardize your job search. Experts say that the best resumes are the ones that use real language, without any jargon or stiffness to them. Try to write your resume in a language that you would use if you were discussing your work and achievements with a close friend.

Tip: Keep any slang or trendy new abbreviations out of it. Rule breaking in resumes has its limits.

  • Including an Objective – There was a time when every resume ever written had a short objective written at the top of the4 Job Rules to Break and Why It’s Okay to Break Them page. That was the rule, after all. However, you can break that rule and submit a resume without an objective for the reason that hiring managers will not really read them. If you think about it, hiring managers read more than 200 resumes a day which means that they don’t have all the time in the world. They would rather get straight to the matter and find out what you have to offer them.
  • Flaunting Your Degree – Your college job center might say to list your degree right on top of the resume but you can break this especially if you have a long history of work. A degree is well and good but most hiring managers would rather see what you have done and what you can do for them.


So go ahead and break some rules as you hunt for a job. You might just be pleasantly surprised at the results.

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