4 Impressive Answers to “Tell Me About Yourself”


No matter what kind of job you apply for, you will always be asked one of the most common interview questions that a lot of people dread answering: Tell me something about yourself. Although the question seems straightforward enough, there have been several instances where applicants fail to make a good impression, closing door after door of opportunity for them.

Here are a few ideas that you can use to make your answer effective and a bit more interesting:

  • What do people say about you? It is always a great idea to introduce yourself using another person’s 4 Impressive Answers to “Tell Me about Yourself”perspective. So start by saying “The people who know me best would say that I’m…” or “People I work with often comment on me being…” This is also a great way to show that you value other people’s comments and opinions and do not always rely on your own. It shows that you are open to feedback and are confident in trying to raise your own level of self-awareness.
  • What are your beliefs? Another great way to answer this question is to give the interviewer a peek into your belief system. Share a quotation that you use as a mantra and show a prospective employer that you have the capacity for self-motivation. Giving them your personal philosophy will also show them that you have the potential to think for yourself and not just do as you are told. And if the company is serious about hiring people who can truly contribute to the company’s growth, thinkers will always be welcome.
  • What are you passionate about? A lot of people answer this question by stating what they love doing, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, answering this question by saying what you are most passionate about adds a whole lot of life into your statements. Sharing what you are passionate about does not only show what you do but also explains why you care enough to do it. It shows a unique level of enthusiasm as well, showing that there is so much more to you than just someone who goes through routines and vicious cycles.
  • What are your dreams? You can never go wrong in sharing your dreams to a potential employer. Tell them about what you have always dreamed of doing as a kid, and share the steps you are taking to make those dreams come true. Showing that you are a dreamer means that you have the will to do good at everything you do and that you will not be contented with staying in a certain position for a long time. It shows ambition and initiative – traits that could be helpful if they are looking for someone to groom for future opportunities.


Knowing how to answer these common interview questions is more about being creatively honest. There is nothing more impressive than an interviewee who is confident in showing who he is and what he cares the most about. These tips would take your answers to a whole new level and would make you ace those common interview questions at any given time.

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