3 Great Jobs for Women


It has always been said that men have to be the main provider in every family, mostly because of the big difference in the earning capacity of men and women. However, the growing awareness of the capacity of women in the workplace has made way for that belief to change a little. Today, there are actually great jobs for women which make them earn better than men, making them just as able to provide for their families.

Here are some great jobs for women that could give them a higher potential for earning than men: 3 Great Jobs for Women

  • Female counselors actually earn more than male counselors by about 16% more. This does not only include school guidance counselors but mental health workers like psychologists as well. Some people believe that although men are often more logical than emotional and are able to apply theories and rationalize well, there is also a lot more to counseling than merely giving reasons behind obvious actions. The fact that women are in touch with their emotions causes them to connect with patients and counselees on an emotional level, causing them sometimes to understand better what cannot be simply explained by logic or reason. Some also argue that people are more likely to talk to women more than men, especially in a setting where emotions will play a big part. This raises the demand to get women more than men for these positions.
  • Women who hold support positions in the health industry are also more likely to have bigger salaries than men. This includes doctor’s assistants, caregivers and nurses. There is a certain amount of care and patience that women are able to show which make them more in demand in the medical field. It is in women’s nature to automatically show a caring side which makes them fit the mold.
  • Jobs that involve keeping house are often left for women to do which also makes earn more than men in this field. There is a belief that domestic chores have been perfected by women because of their innate sense and need to keep everything spic and span most of the time. No matter how you look at things, women always do better than men when it comes to cleaning and organizing stuff.

With the way that opportunities are opening up for women left and right, there are also better chances to learn skills that women were never given the chance to do before. Women empowerment has given women everywhere the chance to earn more than their male counterparts not only in jobs that they have always been expected to do well but also on jobs that they were not given the chance to have a decade or two ago.


Now that there are a lot of great jobs for women across different industries, you can truly say that the fight against gender inequality has taken on a lot of victories. With the way things are going, it won’t be long before the issue finally becomes a thing for the history books.

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