3 Benefits of Having a Mock Interview


Is there anything more nerve-wracking than a job interview? For a lot of people, interviews are terrible ordeals where they stutter and mumble their way, which leads to them not getting the job. If you have recently received a call for an interview and those butterflies in your stomach make it impossible to sleep at night, perhaps you should try doing a mock interview?

A mock interview makes for great practice and not only helps you refine your answers but also help you get rid of that sick feeling in your stomach. They do say that practice makes perfect and a practice interview will ensure that you are in perfect shape for your interview.

Mock Interview Benefits

You might insist that you are nervous enough for the real thing and a mock interview will just make it worse but this is where you are wrong. There is no way it can make it worse. Below are some of its top benefits and these will help you make up your mind to just go ahead and do a thorough practice interview.

  1. Reduces stress and anxiety – If you are unsure how to answer typical interview questions, a practice interview will give you a great chance to “test drive” what you have to say. The person conducting the test interview can not only coach you with what to say but also give you feedback on your performance and give you pointers for improvement.
  2. Boosts your confidence – your nervousness and anxiety probably stem from a lack of confidence and that can severely 3 Benefits of Having a Mock Interviewaffect your chances of acing the interview and landing a job. When you go for a practice interview, the person doing the interviewing will probably point out your strengths as well as your weaknesses so you get a boost of confidence and a clear picture of the areas you need to improve on.
  3. Allows you to get feedback in a low-stress environment – One of the worst things about real interviews is the stress and pressure. When you opt for a mock interview, you can think and answer in a low-stress environment so you can really put your mind to work. You can even try for new things and go for answers that you think would be good for the real interview. No matter how badly you do at a practice interview, it never has any serious ramifications.

Give It a Try


Before the big day, there are several ways for you to do a mock interview. One thing you can try is to call on a trusted friend who will ask you questions and give you feedback. Now if you do not trust your friend to give you the feedback and the coaching that you need, you can also call on a counselor to perform the interview for you. You may have to pay for this one but at least you get a professional opinion. To look for a counselor who will help you practice for your interview, try to go online or check your local career centers.

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