10 Overused Words Not to Include on Your Resume


Writing a resume can be a pain in the neck especially if you aren’t too sure of what to write. If this is the dilemma you are having, you can turn to online sources to look for tips on what best to put down on your document. Another thing that is worth doing is checking out what not to write on your resume. There are times that what you do not write can have a bigger impact that what you write. For those of you wondering what you should leave on your resumes, below are the top 10 words that you should avoid. These words are not necessarily bad but they do detract from the effectiveness of your document and may cost you a job.

What Not to Write in a Resume 10 Overused Words Not to Include on Your Resume

If you are wondering what to write in a resume, you ought to keep in mind that it is a marketing document of sorts and you are the product. If you were to market yourself to the hiring manager and make them want to hire you then you know that what to write in a resume are positive things that show you in the best light possible. You tell them that you are a great worker, let them know that you are an asset, and give them proof to back up your claims. Aside from letting them know that you are a great employee with solid work ethics you will also want to stand out among other job seekers.

Most hiring managers get about 200 resumes to read and your job is to stand out among the other 199. Now that you know you know you have to be unique to nab a job, you get an idea of what to write in a resume. You can also check out what not to write in a resume below.

Hard-working – Are you tempted to tell the hiring manager that you are hard-working? If you say “yes” then you ought to know that a majority of job seekers are thinking of doing the same thing. Put down “hard working” on your resume and you let the hiring manager know that you pretty much blend in with the other job seekers you are up against.

Responsible This is one word that people put in their resumes that could really be mind-boggling. Being responsible is not a must but rather, it is a given. If you think you are ready for a job then you better be responsible. Surely you can think of other words that will make you more appealing to hiring managers, right?

Driven This is another word that is so boring you might as well copy-paste a resume and submit it to a hiring manager. You will not stand out if you put this word in your resume. Remember that your goal is to be unique and this is not the way to do it because the truth of the matter is, everybody else writes this.

Patient They say patience is a virtue but if you think this will make a hiring manager want to hire you, then you could be mistaken. What this will make him think is that you lack originality and are a cookie-cutter job seeker with nothing remarkable to offer. Your resume will probably end up in the trash.

Outstanding – It is very easy to claim that you are outstanding. In fact, it is so easy that thousands of other job-seekers are doing the same thing. if you want to stand out then do not tell them that you are outstanding right away but find a way to show them just how outstanding you can be.

The other 5 overused buzzwords you need to avoid are:

  • Creative
  • Organized
  • Strategic
  • Innovative
  • Results-driven


Technically, there is nothing wrong with those words, except that they are overused and will not elevate your resume in any way. Your resume has to be as concise and informative as possible. Better to avoid those overused words and go for “action” words and phrases instead.

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