10 Overused Phrases to Ban in Your Resume


Writing resumes is one of those things that people dread since there are so many things that can go wrong. If given a choice, most people would probably not want to write a resume but the need for jobs prompt them to get cracking anyway. If you are in the process of writing a brand new resume or rewriting an old one, below are some clichéd phrases that you might want to pass on. These overused phrases are perfect examples of what not to put on your resume as they will just hurt your chances of scoring an interview.

What Not to Put on Your Resume – Overused Phrases 10 Overused Phrases to Ban in Your Resume

  1. I am a team player – there is a reason why this is number 1 and the reason is because it is the most overused. However, if you are indeed a team player, perhaps it would be better to show the interviewer why you are a team player instead of just telling him. Show, not tell.
  2. I have great communication skills – if you really had great communication skills then you will have to find a better way to express this. You can tell the interviewer what communication skills you used to help the company you worked for, etc.
  3. I have a proven track record – do you? Do you, really? If you have a proven track record than prove it and show numbers to support your claim.
  4. I am a problem solver – companies love problem solvers and this is why people list this in nearly all resumes. If you want a job then it is a good idea to stand out and tell the company you are interviewing for why you are a problem solver. Tell them about problems you have solved and why you will do the same for them.
  5. Assisted in X task – this may sound impressive to you but this is actually the kiss of death for so many resumes. When you say that you “assisted” in a task, what is it that you did? Maybe you played a major role, maybe you just carried in boxes; tell them what you did, and it has to be specific, so that they know.
  6. I have a strong work ethic – this sounds really impressive but you know what is more impressive? Telling the company you want to work for what you did or what you will do to go the extra mile and that you are true to your word.
  7. I focus on the bottom-line – again, this is one of those claims where it is better to show and not tell.
  8. I was responsible for… – whether you worked as a janitor or as a CEO, you were responsible for something. Cut to the chase by stating your job position and saying what you did to benefit the company.
  9. Self-motivated – what this phrase says is you are not a slacker but this is a cliché that does not get its point across. Again, don’t tell but show!
  10. A D V E R T I S E M E N T

  11. I work well in a fast-paced environment – don’t throw them something cryptic like this and just how them how hard you work instead. 

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