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How You May Post Your Resume on Craigslist

Putting your resume out there is one way to get noticed by employers. Some sites will charge you to post your CV while others, like Craigslist, will not charge anything. Below, you will find the necessary steps for you to post your resume on Craigslist. Make sure you prepare your resume and save it in the MS Word format or any other common formats that are accepted by websites. Click your browser icon to open and visit the CLearn More »

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Job Interviews – How to Prepare Effectively

All companies that offer jobs are conducting an interview with an applicant. This is to ensure that the company will have the best employees. So you should always give your best shot. When applying for a job, it means that you are selling yourself. You are selling your skills and service. That is why you should be well prepared before going to interviews. Update your resume - This is the first tLearn More »

Cover Letters – Tips and Tricks

The cover letter is an important document that you have to attach with your resume or curriculum vitae in order for you to be successful in getting a job interview and then later on your dream job. To know more about this document, read on. It is an introduction letter wherein you provide additional information on your work experiences and skills. It is a document to highlight your interest for tLearn More »

Resumes and CVs Written Professionally

Having an effective and solid CV or resume can help you land the job you have been dreaming of. If you are wondering how some people were able to get their CV and resume on top of tons of other applicants, you must continue reading. This brief article will give you proven strategies on how to write a CV and a resume. A Curriculum Vitae is one of the important means of providing a prospective emplLearn More »

Professional CV Examples and CV Samples

The main reason to use professional CV samples is to insure that you do not skip anything important. It's easy to get carried away and write too much in one chapter, and forget about adding something that could really be vital from the employer's perspective. In addition, good CV samples force you to follow a previously established format. While you may thing that this is a drawback for your creLearn More »

How to Write a Cover Letter

If you want to know how to write a cover letter, follow these simple steps, and you'll see that there's really nothing to it: Start with the appropriate salutation. If you don't know the name of the person in charge of recruitment, you may use “to whom it may concern”, or a similar generic phrase. The first paragraph should include the job you're applying for (don't assume it's already obviousLearn More »

Best Curriculum Vitae Template

When using a curriculum vitae template, you should always start by selecting one that's already customized for your industry or job type, in a format that suits your level of expertise. This will make things considerably smoother – but the hard work is still up to you. A template lists the most important sections that should be included in any resume, such as your goals and objectives, your careLearn More »

Jobs and Job Search Guidelines

Finding right jobs is the problem that most people worry about. One of the reasons for this is the lack of experience. Also, people who didn’t finish college have bigger problem here when it comes to job hunting. We will discuss in this article how you can get yourself employed. There are numerous positions out there and you just have to choose one that fits to your skill. Keep in mind, a perfLearn More »

How to Write a CV, Make a CV, Learn Writing a CV at CV Globe

Writing a CV is quite a challenge for many. The very first thing you have to understand is that you don't have to be a good writer, or a good marketer; it doesn't really matter if you have a way with words or if you can craft perfect sentences (unless, of course, you apply for a job in writing). What matters is to show that you understand the job requirements, and that you have the necessary skillLearn More »

Professional Resume Samples and Examples

CV Globe provides a large number of resume examples for jobs in different fields, suitable for all needs and requirements, from fresh graduates looking to land their first job to professionals with years of experience, who struggle to put everything they know on paper in the best format. Of course, simply downloading a sample is not enough; you have to personalize it and adjust it to your specificLearn More »

Careers and Career Development

Many of us think that the term “career” is the same with the word “occupation”. These two terms are similar but not exactly the same. Occupation is just a position in which you work on to earn money. Careers are long process of learning, growing and development in a certain field. Mostly, it is based on individual’s fields of interests. The job that we will take must be the job we’ve Learn More »

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